Monday, 29 February 2016

In humble service
The King knelt to wash my feet,
Purify my soul

Shimmering diamonds
The silent waves entrance
Ten thousand angels dance

Beneath outstretched limbs
Stripped, wind-whipped yet unbroken,
Crimson leaves are shed

Sunlight streams through clouds
God's voice may now be silent
Still, He speaks to me

Sparkling city lights
Cannot steal all the glory
From God's midnight stars

Spring rain drips fragrance on blooms
The unseen rainbow

Life still sucks while you
Struggle to fix the vacuum
With replacement parts

Spirit Song

Rhapsodic rivers
Flow from the holy temple
Waterfalls of praise

Coloured umbrellas
Saturate September's streets
Rainbows flood my eyes

In Your Hand

I place my fingers 
Within the palm of Your hand
Finding wounds are healed

Restoration in
The flesh that once was broken
Scars of sacrifice

Your love touches me
I'm no longer hard as nails
Light pierces my soul

Jewelled bay gleams
Sun drops on soft white ripples
Blue and silver shine

The Father's best gift
Was placed within a manger,
His presence on earth

Frost-flavoured sunset
The clouds are made of ice-cream 
Chilled blueberry swirl

Haiku is saying
a library of thoughts
in so few syllables 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Japanese am I
Microchips are nine to five
Haiku is big fun

The mouth of the cave
Tempts the daring to enter
Deep into darkness

Vision is obscured
As stalactites seem to drool
Hungry for victims

Peruvian Shore

An unmarred landscape
Technology is silent
Perhaps a tree falls

Family Style

The baby penguin's
Too small for a tuxedo;
He wears a gray fur

Poppy Love

California sun
Bursts onto tangy petals
Joy upon a stem


Spun crystal design
Elucidating strands of
Delicate prisms

The dying sun sprawls
Wounded on the horizon
Crimson stains the clouds

Northern Love

Luna smiles,
As Dawn arises
In this northernmost clime

Snow and ice may chill
But this glimpse of trysting orbs
Makes shivers scale my spine

Mimosa Morning

Slices of orange
Waken Dawn's palette of pink;
She swallows the stars

Brief display of words
Chosen for meditation
Brush strokes of wisdom